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  • Reacceptance of ADS applications


    The Dutch diplomatic network in China is pleased to announce the reacceptance of ADS (Approved Destination Status) applications as from 15 January 2024.

  • Update on Nuffic Certificate for Chinese Applicants


    Recently, the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) has decided that a Nuffic Certificate is no longer mandatory for Chinese students ...

  • Op-ed by Ambassador Wim Geerts


    Six makeshift coffins, one of them not much larger than the size of a baby. A member of the International Criminal Court’s forensic investigation team that went to Ukraine ...

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Netherlandsworldwide.nl has information on consular services such as applying for a Dutch passport or ID card, a visa or a certificate of residence. Here you will also find information about the Non-Residents Records Database (RNI) and voting from abroad.