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Peter Derrek Hof

Dutch ambassador in Sana'a
Peter Derrek Hof has been ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Yemen since 2020.

More information about the ambassador (in Dutch)
The Netherlands focuses on contributing to humanitarian aid, conflict resolution and peacebuilding. As a long-term donor, the Netherlands has built up a good reputation in Yemen and supports various programs and activities in the field of security & rule of law, public health, and water & sanitation.

Yemen is suffering from war. As a result of the conflict, the Dutch embassy in Sana'a has been closed for the public since 2015. If you need to apply for a new Dutch passport or a Schengen visa, you are advised to contact the Netherlands embassy in Cairo (Egypt), Amman (Jordan) or Muscat (Oman). More information on netherlandsworldwide.nl