Supporting business - Netherlands and you

Supporting business

Do you have plans to do business in the Netherlands? Or are you looking for a Dutch business partner? Dutch representations, the Dutch government and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) will help you find out what’s possible.

Doing business in the Netherlands is the official website of the Dutch government for businesses abroad and has been specially designed to help you do business in the Netherlands and work with Dutch companies. The website offers practical information about tax regulations, setting up a business, grants and more:

Investing in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has one of the best business investment climates in the world. For more information, opportunities and sources of investment, go to, the website of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). NFIA helps and advises foreign companies in various stages of expansion. See it as a partner that can help you establish regional connections within the Invest In Holland network.

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Startups and scale-ups

Interested in the Netherlands, but not sure where to start? A personal point of contact can really help. That is why the Netherlands Point of Entry has been set up, to help international startups and scale-ups find their feet in the Netherlands. It’s a place for all your questions about locations, permits and procedures and can connect you to facilitators, relevant agencies and accelerators.

Innovate and work together with the Netherlands

Be inspired by examples of how the Dutch government, private sector and civil society organisations work together and with other partners, and how they do this. There are also guides to working, investing and studying in the Netherlands.

Welcome to NL

Connecting international talent

The Netherlands Point of Entry is the first stop for international talent looking to work or set up a business in the Netherlands. It advises businesses, graduates and professionals about the possibilities for residence permits. It will also provide you with advice on legal procedures, financial requirements and the process of applying for a visa.

Netherlands Point of Entry

Doing business abroad

Dutch representations abroad and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) know the markets in their countries and have extensive business networks.