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Gilles Beschoor Plug

Dutch ambassador in Moscow
Gilles Beschoor Plug has been ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Russian Federation since 2021.

More information about the ambassador
"Welcome to the website of the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Russian Federation."
Dear visitor,

Welcome to the virtual Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Moscow. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the relation between Russia and the western world has taken a turn for the worse. Because of the EU sanctions against the Russian government, the possibilities to do business with Russia have sharply declined. Moreover, the Russian government has expelled a large number of Dutch diplomats from the embassy in Moscow and the consulate-general in St. Petersburg.

As a consequence, the work of this embassy has been severely limited. We are not able to provide the usual services with regard to trade and cultural cooperation. As the complete consular section was expelled, we unfortunately had no other choice than to temporarily suspend the issuance of short-term visas to citizens of the Russian Federation. An exception will be made for applications on the grounds of compelling humanitarian reasons, long-term visas (MVVs), as well as for applications in cases in which it has been bilaterally agreed upon that they require priority treatment. As yet, the provision of consular services to Dutch citizens continues unimpeded.

We remain present in Moscow and will provide advice and support to both Dutch and Russians on the possibilities that remain to stay in touch. Being in touch is a prerequisite for ending this senseless war in Ukraine and improving our relationship.

Gilles Beschoor Plug

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