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The Consulate General in Toronto

Our Consulate General is located in the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario, Canada. We represent the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut. On this page we will tell you more about Toronto and our work.

The city of Toronto

Van Toronto naar Amsterdam
Flight from Amsterdam to Toronto

Toronto is around 6,000 kilometres – eight hours’ flight – from Amsterdam. The city has a population of nearly three million and is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), an area with a population of nearly seven million. (Ontario Ministry of Finance, 2017)

De Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Toronto is Canada’s economic hub. It is the fourth largest city in North America. Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area have a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of ~20% of Canada’s total GDP. The province of Ontario earns 40% of Canada’s total GDP. (City of Toronto, 2017)


Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with an immigrant population of more than 50%. The five main ethnic groups are Chinese, English, Canadian, Irish and Scottish. Ontario has a population of well over 13 million, of whom more than 85% live in urban areas. Some half a million Dutch people live in Ontario, accounting for around 4% of the population in Canada. (Statistics Canada, 2006).

Our team

Our team is headed by Consul General Harman Idema. Jorn Leeksma is our Deputy Consul General. Our economic affairs team consists of Sabira Tejani, Marjan Lahuis, Mehdi Diouri, Michelle Baas, Karim Tejani and Fleur Horbach. Karen Empson is the Consul-General’s personal assistant. Eline van den Berkmortel is our general affairs officer. Miranda van Brummelen, Mickey McLaughlin and Freek Siezenga make up the consular team.

We represent the interests of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and its citizens in the area we serve. We focus on providing consular and economic services.

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