Embassy Ottawa - Canada

About the Dutch embassy in Canada

The Dutch embassy in Canada is located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, in the province of Ontario. The embassy represents the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canada. Besides the embassy in Ottawa, there are consulates-general in both Toronto and Vancouver. We also work with honorary consuls in every province of Canada. In our work, we specifically target Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

The city of Ottawa

Flight from Amsterdam to Ottawa.
Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the seat of the federal Canadian government. The parliament building, including the Peace Tower, is a well-known landmark. Ottawa is around the same size as the province of Utrecht, with a surface area just short of 1,400 km2. The distance between Amsterdam and Ottawa is 5,632 km. There are no direct flights from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to Ottawa. You need to fly via Montreal or Toronto.

The Greater Ottawa Area.

More than a million people live in the Greater Ottawa Area. Canada is a bilingual country. English and French are the official languages. This is most evident in Ottawa, the federal capital. The city is located on the border between Ontario and the province of Quebec.

Landmarks of Ottawa

Ottawa is well-known for its cultural institutions, including the Museum of History, the Canadian War Museum, the National Gallery of Canada and the National Arts Centre. These are all unique institutions with which the embassy likes to work in partnership. Ottawa also has two leading universities – the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.

The Canadian identity is strongly linked to Canada’s geographical location. Canadians like to say that their country is the ‘true North, strong and free’ – and with good reason. Many Canadians, including the residents of Ottawa, have a strong attachment to the wintry climate. Winter in the Canadian capital lasts for around four months. The city is generally snowbound from mid-December to mid-April.

Our team

Parliament building in Ottawa.

The Dutch embassy in Ottawa is medium-sized. We have 14 permanent members of staff in our enthusiastic team.

Together, we raise the Netherlands’ profile in Canada and continually draw attention to the ties of friendship between our two countries, and to our shared values and history. We maintain close contact with Canadian ministries, government institutions, non-profit organisations and a wide variety of Canadian stakeholders active in the political, economic, defence and cultural fields.

Ines Coppoolse is the Dutch Ambassador to Canada. Jaap Jan Speelman is the Deputy Head of Mission. Mark de Wit is the Defence Attaché. Wendy Sewell is the Defence Attaché’s Assistant. The Policy team consists of Wouter Frencken, Laurens van der Sluijs, Boz Kasravi, Jeanine de Vos, Taylor Heaven and Melissa Rumble. Maarten Derksen heads the General Affairs/Consular team, with Marie-José Tienhooven and Robert Hijman. Silvia Holtrop is Management Assistant. Stefan Janhager is our Facility Officer.


Please visit our contact page for the contact details and location of the embassy.