Netherlands honorary consulate in Calgary

Contact details

Jerry Bouma (interim)
E-mail and opening hours

By appointment only. 
Please contact the Consulate General in Vancouver via email at

Main Dutch mission: Consulate General in Vancouver. 

The honorary consuls are a valuable part of the worldwide postal network of the Netherlands. They open doors for business and facilitate visits, assist in natural disasters, emergencies and evacuations. Often the honorary consuls do their important work behind the scenes.

This honorary consulate promotes economic and trade relations between the Netherlands and Canada particularly in the regions south of the 52nd parallel of the Province of Alberta.

Visa, passports, certificates

NO information on passports or visas will be issued through the telephone number or email address shown above. 
Inquiries via: Information from the Dutch government in one place | Netherlands Worldwide.
Passports: Applying for a Dutch passport or identity card if you live in Canada | Netherlands Worldwide.
Visas: Applying for a short-stay Schengen visa in Canada | Netherlands Worldwide.

Time difference with the Netherlands

-8 hours