Application process culture funds Dutch Embassy in the UK

Funding to support cultural cooperation and exchange between the Netherlands and the UK is available via the Dutch Embassy in the UK. Find out how to apply.

The Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom has funding available to support the programming of artists and designers from the Netherlands by cultural organisations in the United Kingdom. Projects eligible for support are those that give creative and cultural professionals from the Netherlands exposure to British audiences and that aid the careers of these artists and designers.

Beside the culture funds from the Embassy, funding to support cultural cooperation and exchange between the Netherlands and the UK is also available through a number of Culture Funds in the Netherlands. More information on those grants for international cooperation.

Funding via the Dutch Embassy

In 2023 the Dutch Embassy in the UK has a culture budget of €240,000 (£203,390).

For the whole of 2023, we use an exchange rate of £1 = €1.18. Please use that exchange rate when filling in the application form.

UK-based professional arts and design organisations can apply for funding via the Dutch Embassy by submitting a detailed proposal to

Criteria for contributions from the Dutch Embassy in the UK

  • Applications can only be submitted by UK-based cultural organisations that have a proven track record of working with international artists.
  • The application for a contribution from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom must include a detailed description of the planned activity, including the date(s) and location(s) of the activity, the names and contact details of the British and Dutch partners collaborating in that activity and a full list of financiers/sponsors.
  • The application must include a full and detailed budget of all costs involved. This budget must clearly show which costs the applicant wants to cover with Embassy funds and which costs are covered by other parties. Please supply the names of the other funders.
  • The proposal needs to substantiate how the activity helps to build a relevant international audience/network for the artist(s)/designer(s) from the Netherlands and/or how it contributes towards the artistic/professional development of the Dutch artist(s)/designer(s).
  • The activity takes place in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and/or Northern Ireland). (There are two exceptions: 1. online programmes organised by British cultural organisations aimed at audiences in the UK, and 2. visitors’ programmes aimed at taking artistic decision makers at UK-based cultural organisations to the Netherlands to establish new contacts that are likely to lead to future Anglo-Dutch collaborations.)
  • The start of the activity is in 2023.
  • The activity is yet to take place. Funding cannot be granted once the activity has started or after the activity has ended.
  • The artist(s)/creative(s) from the Netherlands must receive adequate fees. Applicants should prove that fees are in line with, or better than, recognised codes of practice and guidelines set by the relevant lead bodies/trade unions. Embassy funds cannot be used to pay fees.
  • Only professional organisations (legal entities) can receive funding.
  • The Embassy can provide contributions between €2,000 (£1,695) and €10,000 (£8,475). (For the whole of 2023, we use an exchange rate of £1 = €1.18.)
  • Contributions from the Dutch Embassy will not exceed 50% of the total costs of the performance/presentation/residency of the Dutch artist(s)/designer(s).
  • Collaboration or exchange between culture professionals from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom is a must.
  • The organisational and artistic quality of the participating parties must be undisputed.
  • Purely commercial activities are not eligible for funding.
  • Amateur arts is not eligible for funding.
  • Expenses that are eligible for support are transportation, travel, accommodation and marketing. The proposal needs to specify the travel and accommodation dates.
  • Funding requests for flights will not be granted if the journey can be made by international train and public transport in under 8 hours. In those instances, please request funding for more sustainable modes of travel.
  • Contributions towards PR/marketing and event documentation (AV, photography) are limited to a maximum of £1,000 per proposal.
  • Expenses that are not eligible for support are overhead costs (staff salaries, rent, office supplies). Please do specify all these costs in the application form and provide information on how these overhead costs are covered (e.g. mention the names of the other funders, expected ticket sales, etc.).
  • When a contribution from the Dutch Embassy is received, it is a requirement that the participation of the Dutch artist(s) and the support from the Dutch government are clearly mentioned in the (marketing) communications.