About us - PR UN, WTO and other organisations Geneva

About us

The Permanent Representation represents the interests and ideals of the Kingdom of the Netherlands at international organisations in Geneva. We contribute to peace, security and sustainable development through effective international cooperation.

One Kingdom – Four countries

The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of four countries, in Europe and in the Caribbean region: the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.


Working together in an inclusive and effective multilateral system is essential in promoting peace, security and development worldwide. Only by international collaboration we can resolve global challenges. Our focus is on human rights, international security, disarmament, trade and investment, decent work, development cooperation, health, humanitarian affairs, asylum and migration policy.

Daily business

On behalf of the Kingdom of the Netherlands we take part in formal and informal gatherings in Geneva. In cooperation with our capital-based colleagues working for a wide range of ministries and government institutions, we represent the perspectives, positions and proposals of the Kingdom.

We engage actively in reaching mutual understanding with the international organisations and its Member States by cherishing transparency and dialogue. By building bridges and seeking pragmatic, out-of-the box, win-win solutions and interdisciplinary collaboration, promoting involvement of civil society and other stakeholders, including from the Kingdom.

We support and advise our ministers and senior officials participating in Geneva at high-level meetings and are mandated to operate on their behalf on a daily basis as permanent representatives of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.