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Labour Migration

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Over the past years Poland has remained by far the EU-country with the highest numbers of workers active on the Dutch labour market. High numbers Polish citizens are working in the Netherlands temporarily, hired by Dutch or Polish temporary employment agencies. Polish citizens significantly contribute to the economy of the Netherlands.

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The embassy’s role

Decent work for all workers in the Netherlands is a priority for the Dutch government. Therefore, our embassy attaches special attention to the issue of labour migration. The role of the embassy in this regard focuses on:

  • undertaking efforts in order to raise the awareness of Polish citizens about working and living in the Netherlands,
  • undertaking efforts to inform Polish employers and self-employed persons in Poland about obligations and rules on posting to the Netherlands, 
  • promoting dialogue with the Polish authorities about the Dutch policy on decent labour migration,
  • better understanding of factors influencing the situation of the EU labour market.

Be prepared

Good preparation before arrival to the Netherlands is a key issue to do. Our embassy provides reliable information through an information portal (available both in Polish and in English), for employees, employers and the self employed.

We also encourage you to visit a central information point run by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) (available in many languages, including Polish).

Get acquainted with the information published at the websites mentioned above. Be prepared before you go!

Posting of workers 

We encourage Polish employers and self-employed persons in Poland interested in posting to the Netherlands about their obligations at, available both in Polish and in English