About us - Poland

About us

What do we do?

The Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw represents and serves the interests of the Netherlands and Dutch citizens in Poland. We support Dutch citizens, companies, knowledge institutes and other organisations.

We maintain contact with the Polish government and focus on further strengthening the cooperation between both governments, for instance within multilateral organisations, such as the European Union or United Nations.   

Another core task of the Embassy is trade and investment promotion. The Embassy aims to strengthen economic cooperation between the Netherlands and Poland and supports Dutch companies that are planning to enter the Polish market for example by providing relevant business-related information.

The Netherlands and Poland have regular exchanges within the cultural sector. The Embassy supports cultural exchange by linking Dutch and Polish cultural representatives, by highlighting our common cultural heritage and by supporting Dutch language studies in Poland.

In addition, the Embassy organises activities to draw attention to what the Netherlands has to offer, an example of which is a recent cycling event in Warsaw. Lastly, the Embassy offers consular support to Dutch citizens in Poland, such as issuance/renewal of travel documents or issuance of consular declarations.