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Erasmus Huis

The Erasmus Huis Auditorium is a versatile space for captivating performances, diverse events and inspiring collaborations that showcase the best of Dutch and Indonesian talents.

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Henk Kraaijeveld Quintet after performing at Erasmus Huis, photo by Oxalis Atindriyaratri

The auditorium of Erasmus Huis is popular for hosting a diverse range of events, making it a hub for cultural performances and intellectual discourse. As one of the biggest cultural centers in Jakarta, the auditorium of Erasmus Huis can accommodate 320 seats or 500 standing places, making it a versatile and contemporary venue where the audience can feel close to the action.

The modern space is well-equipped with a professional sound system, a well-designed stage and three projectors, allowing it to host a diverse range of events. From music concerts spanning various genres and captivating dance performances to thought-provoking film screenings and engaging discussions.

The auditorium has been the stage for an array of notable performances, showcasing the best in Dutch and Indonesian talents. From the energetic Erasmus Huis Club Night featuring promising DJs from both countries to a spectrum of music performances ranging from contemporary jazz in the likes of the Netherlands’ National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NJJO) and the collaboration of Jasper Blom Quartet and Kelapa Muda to classic virtuosos like Yang Yang Cai, Duo Saraswati and the Cello Biennale Amsterdam. Additionally, the auditorium also hosts contemporary musical expressions with artists like the award-winning Altin Gün, the highly-popular rock band DeWolff, the soothing voices of Annabel Laura and Sanne Rambags, the poetic folk of Robin Block and fun lo-fi music of Ciao Lucifer. 
Beyond its role as a performance space, the auditorium also serves as an assembly hall for seminars, discussions and symposiums. Most importantly, the venue has become a catalyst for collaboration between Dutch and Indonesian artists and thinkers, fostering a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and creativity.