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Erasmus Huis welcomes everyone, including families and children. With programs like family film screenings, exhibitions, creative workshops, and read aloud sessions, we invite our young visitors to be inspired, expand their knowledge, and make new friends. Erasmauw, our cat mascot, is also ready to greet you during these programs.

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Erasmauw and Erasqui, animation by Dessy TAB

Erasmauw is the main character of the captivating animated video series that invites children to explore the world of art, film, literature, performing arts and architecture. Developed by animator Dessy Tri Anandini Bambang, the character is not alone in their journey; a squirrel and two birds are featured as friendly companions to enrich the storytelling experience.

Erasmauw's popularity has grown beyond the animated series, becoming a lovable mascot of the Erasmus Huis. Visitors now have the opportunity to capture memories with Erasmus and friends at the photo booth or standees in the library.

Watch What is Art video series here