Humanitarian aid transport exempted from road fees in Poland

Polish Ministry of Infrastructure decided to allow exempting vehicles and convoys with humanitarian aid on the territory of the Republic of Poland from e-TOLL system fees. 

Each institution or organization which plans to drive a humanitarian vehicle or convoy through the territory of the Republic of Poland is requested to provide the following information to the Ministry of Infrastructure by e-mail at

  • Number of vehicles
  • Vehicle registration numbers
  • Indication of the country in which the vehicle is registered
  • If possible, the approximate period of travel through the territory of the Republic of Poland (in both directions)

The e-toll system concerns parts of Poland’s motorways managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. Exemption from the fees on parts of motorways managed by the private concessionaries will also be possible under the condition that the previous notification will contain the detailed information on the planned itinerary by the vehicle or convoy. The Ministry of Infrastructure will transmit this information directly to the private concessionaries concerned in order to obtain their exemption from the fees.