EXPO 2020 DUBAI UAE : Netherlands pavillion

The Netherlands Pavilion will showcase out-of-the-box creative and sustainable business solutions that will focus mainly on uniting water, energy and food sectors.

Openingsvideo EXPO 2020 Dubai

VOICE-OVER: The earth has a delicate ecosystem.
Everything is connected with each other.
Water, energy, food.
They simply can't exist without each other.
The world's population keeps on growing.
And we are dealing with global challenges,
like water scarcity, food security and a rising demand for energy.
The Middle East is much affected by these global issues.
So, becoming more self-sustaining is getting more and more important.
Expo 2020 offers an exciting opportunity to drive positive change.
And this is where the Netherlands is keen to contribute.
By uniting water, energy and food, something magical can happen.
We've designed a pavilion which is more a biotope than a building.
A miniature world, where the climate is controlled naturally.
Where water, energy and food are intrinsically linked.
Full of intense sensory experiences.
A pavilion that stands for openness, inventiveness and inclusion,
and for minimising our footprint.
The entire installation will be built from local resources
and with locally rented construction materials.
After Expo 2020, all materials are given back or will go to a new destination.
We invite you to experience these new possibilities.
So, open your eyes.
Smell, breathe, wonder.
And let your senses experience a unique sensation.
Let's connect minds to create a better, more sustainable future, together.
Welcome to the Dutch Pavilion.
Dutch Dubai, Dutch Connection in the Gulf.
Uniting water, energy and food.

(The Expo 2020 Dubai UAE logo and the Dutch flag above: Official participant The Netherlands.)


With the theme of ‘Uniting water, energy and food’, the Netherlands Pavilion will be connecting minds for a sustainable future alongside with Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and government organizations to create ground-breaking technologies and innovations. For more details, visit dutchdubai.com.

Netherlands Pavilion Exterior

EXPO 2020 Dubai

The Netherlands Pavilion will offer exclusive opportunities for the Dutch companies to demonstrate their innovative technologies that will aim in developing sustainable goals. It will be an unmissable platform for building business network, host official meetings, events and much more. Get in touch with us at dutchdubai.com.

Netherlands Pavilion interior

The Netherlands Pavilion

The participation of the Netherlands Pavilion at the Expo 2020 is very unique. The pavilion will showcase various innovations and will connect business sectors with the theme of uniting water, energy and food to drive sustainable goals. For more info, visit dutchdubai.com.