Netherlands embassy in Kyiv

Contact details

Jennes de Mol
+31 247 247 247
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

At the Dutch Embassy in Kyiv we work with a scaled-down and rotating staff. This means that fewer people are working and that these people alternate. The ambassador and the deputy ambassador also regularly take turns. In the absence of the ambassador, the deputy ambassador acts as TZ (Temporary Charge d'affaires).

Presently, there are no consular services available in Ukraine. 


To stay in contact with the Netherlands, Dutch nationals in Ukraine can reach the foreign ministry’s call centre 24 hours a day on +31 247 247 247.


You can also reach us via Whatsapp on +31 620 826 032.

More information

Please go to the frequently asked questions for more information on the current situation.

Visa, passports, certificates

Look at for services such as applying for a Dutch passport or ID card, a certificate of residence, a visa, etc. You will also find information there about, for example, the Non-Residents Records Database (RNI) and voting from abroad.

Time difference with the Netherlands

+ 1 hour