Embassy in Juba: who are we?

General Management


Marjan Schippers

Deputy Head of Mission

Jan Huesken

Controller Miguel Braet
Operational Manager Gabrielle Kluiters

Personal Assistent

Anite Aroba

Political Affairs

Head of Department

Marjan Schippers

First Secretary Political Affairs and Rule of Law

Willem Molenaar

Policy Officer Political Affairs

Charles Luganya Ronyo Jibi

Policy Officer Gender Roselyn Mikaya

Development Cooperation

Head of Department

Jan Huesken

First Secretary Food Security, Water, Climate, Energy and Private Sector Development

Laila Bouallouch

Second Secretary Humanitarian Aid & Human Rights


Policy Officer Food Security

Robinah Duku

Policy Officer Water

Richard Aludra

Senior Administrative Officer

Bebelle Ernest

Internal Affairs

Head of Department

Gabrielle Kluiters

Office Coordinator

Moses Manyuon

Facility Management

Duncan Bruining


Defence Attaché (stationed in Addis Ababa)

Col. René Marchal