Consulate-General in Bengaluru: who we are

The Consulate General in Bangalore was opened in mid-2018. We support and promote business relations between the Netherlands and India (especially the south of India). Our diplomatic mission in Bangalore replaces the Netherlands Business Support Office.

The various offices within the Consulate General in Bangalore:

  • Economic and Trade department
  • Netherlands Innovation Network
  • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)
  • Nuffic NESO (Netherlands Education Support Office) India

Economic and Trade department

The Economic and Trade department assists small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and consortia from the Netherlands in doing business in southern India.

This includes:

  • Identifying partners for trade  (distributors, retailers), joint ventures or manufacturing (the south of India is increasingly becoming the supply hub to the entire country and in some cases even to the entire South Asian market).
  • Assisting with setting up offices in India. We liaise with the State Government on behalf of Dutch companies to facilitate their entry into South India.
  • Representing consortia in the priority sectors Agriculture (including horticulture and dairy), Water, Life Sciences & Health, Infrastructure (including Smart Cities), Logistics, High-Tech and Energy.
  • Identifying tender-driven Indian Government and semi-government projects for potential Dutch participation.
  • Assisting in finding Indian partners for cooperation.
  • Organizing large and small trade missions with tailor-made programmes and individual company matchmaking.
  • Informing Dutch companies on business opportunities in the States of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  • Conducting Business Partner Scans (BPS) for Dutch companies preparing to go international but unsure of what to expect in India. The BPS service helps prepare for their internationalization  to India; a subsequent visit ensures the company having meetings with potential partners in India.


 Policy Officer: Sujith Shyamanur Vishwanath

Phone Number: +9180 23098101

E-mail: or

Netherlands Innovation Network

The office of the Netherlands Innovation Network India in Bangalore focuses on innovation, technology and scientific collaboration between India and the Netherlands. In coordination with innovation colleagues from Delhi and Mumbai, we facilitate matchmaking, answer questions about R&D developments and present initiatives for collaboration between companies, research institutes and government.

To inform the Dutch R&D community, we publish articles about developments in India and opportunities for the Dutch innovation ecosystem. We also organize seminars and workshops to bring together experts from both the countries.

Our focus areas are Life Sciences & Health, High-Tech Systems & Materials, Space Technologies and deep-tech & deep science. The Netherlands Innovation Network India reports to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Senior Innovation Officer: Akanksha Sharma

Junior Innovation Officer: Krishna Reddy

Phone Number: +9180 23098102


Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) is the Foreign Direct Investment arm of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In its forty years of existence, NFIA has been actively promoting the Netherlands as a basis for international/European activities and assisting foreign companies to  set up their EU operations in the Netherlands.

NFIA provides companies with a range of basic information; economic, financial and statistical; assistance in organizing fact-finding trips and site selection studies, and general consultation. We can also answer questions about government incentive policies.  Some examples of Indian companies successfully assisted by NFIA are  Infosys, TCS, Wipro and Jet Airways. NFIA works across all sectors and organization sizes.


Senior Project Manager – NFIA India: Balaji Venkatraman

Phone Number: +9180 23098103

E-mail: or

Nuffic NESO (Netherlands Education Support Office) India

Nuffic is the Dutch organization for internationalization in the Dutch education sector. With offices in The Hague and 11 countries around the world, Nuffic strives for every student to gain international experience. Nuffic NESO India is responsible for facilitating and strengthening student mobility and research collaboration. It acts as a bridge between India and Netherlands in the following ways:

  • Informing Indian students about Study in Holland through educational fairs, colleges, universities and school visits.
  • Organizing virtual fairs and webinars with Dutch institutes to answer Indian students’ queries.
  • Organizing study tours to India for Dutch secondary schools.
  • Supporting and facilitating university cooperation.
  • Counselling Indian students and parents wishing to learn more about studying in the Netherlands.
  • Organizing pre-departure briefings for Indian students going to the Netherlands.
  • Conducting market research to understand education market trends and advising Indian and Dutch institutes on potential cooperation.
  • Offering tailor-made services for educational institutes.
  • Strengthening ties of Indian alumni with the Netherlands, creating a global community of ambassadors for the Netherlands. 
  • Promoting scholarships offered by the Dutch government, such as the Holland Scholarship, Orange Tulip Scholarship and Orange Knowledge Programme. 
  • Being part of Living Lab, which provides a bilateral platform between the Netherlands and India, connecting companies, public organizations and higher education institutions.


Chief Representative Officer – Nuffic/NESO India: Anwesha Majumder

Phone Number: +9180 23098106


No consular services

The consulate does not offer consular services such as passports and visas. These services are provided by the consulate general in Mumbai and the embassy in New Delhi.