Registering a birth in Ghana

Birth and acknowledgement of a child in Ghana

When your child is born in Ghana, you must register the birth at the local authorities, the Ghanaian Registry or Births and Deaths. A birth certificate is then drawn up at the birth registration.

If the parents are not married at the time of birth of the child, the father is not automatically the legal parent. He must then recognize the child. In Ghana, the authorities are not familiar with a declaration of acknowledgement of parentage. The father must be mentioned on the birth certificate as the father and as the informant. In order to be an informant, the father must be able to show that he was in Ghana at the time of the registration of the birth. Only then the child has been acknowledged on the basis of Ghanaian customary law. This form of acknowledgement is accepted by the Netherlands.

If you are applying for a Dutch passport for the first time for your child, you may be asked for proof of acknowledgement. For children born in Ghana, this is the birth certificate on which the father is also mentioned as the informant.

Is the father not the informant on the birth certificate? Then he can recognize the child in the Netherlands at a municipality or notary.