Women’s Rights and Gender - Zimbabwe

Women’s Rights and Gender

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Zimbabwe has a very high rate of sexual and gender-based violence with one in three women being affected. Harmful traditional practices, religious beliefs and the entrenched patriarchy perpetuate the subjugation of women in all spheres of life. In political spaces, women face multiple challenges including politically motivated violence preventing equal representation. Zimbabwe has ratified international and regional conventions that seek to promote women’s rights. Sections 17, 56 and 80 of the Zimbabwe constitution also promote the rights of women in all spheres of life.

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SGBV Protection and Access to Justice for Girls and Women in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe a woman is raped every hour and one in three women has faced sexual violence and one in four, physical assault. There has been limited coordination of services needed by survivors seeking shelter, health care, and legal support. This project provides a coordinated referral pathway for survivors of abuse and violence by providing access to counselling and safe houses; access to healthcare and access to justice.  The construction and operational support of safehouses and one-stop centres where survivors can get help is the cornerstone of this project, which is focused on high-prevalence areas.

Mitigating Violence Against Women in Political Spaces

Zimbabwe is a patriarchal society and women in political spaces are particularly vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse. Though women constitute 53% of registered voters, they occupy just 11% of political seats. This is due in part to a hostile environment for women seeking political office. This project seeks to support and provide rehabilitation services to women who are victims of politically motivated and organized violence and torture because of their political views and activities including female voters and politicians.

A key component is achieving legal redress through comprehensive forensic documentation and legal support services. The vision is to increase political participation of women in Zimbabwe by supporting processes that bring perpetrators of politically motivated gender based violence to justice.

Women Empowered for Participation in Electoral Processes (WEPEP) Project

The project seeks to enhance women’s effective and full participation in electoral processes by amplifying their voices in implementation of electoral reforms ahead of the 2023 electoral cycle. The project seeks to increase number of women participating in political processes; increase their quality as candidates; and reform the electoral laws and environment towards 50/50 representation.