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Human Rights and Rule of Law

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With an annual contribution of  1,250€ million from the Dutch Human Rights Fund the Embassy supports various initiatives run by dedicated civil society organisations promoting human rights and preventing human rights violations – work that is vital to the development of the country in line with provisions in the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe.

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Strategic Litigation for Media and Access to Information Laws Reform

Zimbabwe currently ranks at 130 out of 180 countries on the 2019 World Press Freedom Index. Freedom House ranks Zimbabwe’s media as restricted. Using the media provisions in the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe, this project supports strategic litigation to broaden and entrench media law reforms, freedom of information and the right to privacy.

Human Rights Tulip Award

The Local Human Rights Tulip is an award presented by the Dutch government for human rights defenders in Zimbabwe who promote and support human rights in innovative ways. Only organizations registered in Zimbabwe or Zimbabwean citizens can be nominated for this award. The winner will receive US10,000 in prize money and a bronze sculpture in the shape of a tulip. The embassy hopes that the prize will enable the winner to: 
  • gain visibility and recognition;
  • further develop and expand the scale of their human rights work, allowing them to reach more people in as many places as possible;
  • inspire others.

Human Rights Support to HRDs, Key Populations and Vulnerable Groups

The Zimbabwe constitution’s Bill of Rights enshrines a number of fundamental rights including the rights to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression as well as political participation. However, due to restrictive legislation and rights are not always respected and protected. This project seeks to provide holistic and complimentary support that contributes towards the protection of the rights and fundamental freedoms of Human Rights Defenders and vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged members of society such as the girl child and LGBTIQ persons.

Enhancing Transparency and accountability and reducing corruption in Zimbabwe

The objective of the project is to increase  transparency and accountability in state institutions and the private sector in Zimbabwe, therefore contributing to a climate in which corruption can be tackled.  To achieve this the institutions responsible for economic governance need to be supported and law promoting transparency and accountability need to be strengthened and implemented.

Confronting the Past: National Healing, Reconciliation and Transitional Justice in Zimbabwe

With a particular focus on the Gukurahundi atrocities and other post-independence human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, this project seeks to contribute to national healing and reconciliation efforts in Zimbabwe. The project is be built on three pillars namely, national healing and reconciliation; transitional justice and research and documentation of human rights abuses.