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The Netherlands showcases 70 tech companies at CES 2024

News item | 09-01-2024 | 18:02

The Kingdom of the Netherlands today opened the the Netherlands Tech Pavilion at CES 2024, the global stage for technology innovation. 70 Dutch startup and scale-up tech companies participate in the tech fair, taking place in Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2024.

For the eighth consecutive year, the Netherlands will showcase its most innovative tech solutions at Eureka Park at the Venetian Expo (Hall G, Booth 62100). The CES 2024 NL Tech Pavilion delegation features 12 CES 2024 Innovation Award winners, icluding, Doser, Focus,, Ink Invent, LV Energy, Mantispectra, Naya, Sevvy, SlimDesign, SusPho and Whispp. The NL Tech Pavilion theme for CES 2024 is "Let's Innovate Sustainable Solutions."  Preview the CES 2024 NL Tech Pavilion companies here .

"The Netherlands has a storied history of pushing the world towards new innovation," said HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy, . "The 70 startups and scale-ups participating at CES 2024 represent one of the most exciting delegations. Their tech solutions are ambitious, unconventional, and most of all, focused on a better future for everyone." Prince Constantijn opened the Netherlands Pavilion on Tuesday morning by launching a virtual art landscape ‘Sustainable Garden’ by noted VR artist Estella Tse.

The Netherlands is one of Europe's largest technology hubs, with 2.6 times as many startups per one million residents as the European average — and is the  third leading tech startup ecosystem in  Europe . Dutch ingenuity and innovation have played a significant role in the world's evolution over the past centuries.

The 70 CES 2024 NL Tech Pavilion companies actively working to contribute to a better world span a wide berth of tech sectors that will define future economies:


  • Arc : Accessories for computers and mobile phones. Arc Pulse is renowned as the most minimalist and unique in the world of phone cases. (Startup)



  • Alphabeats : EEG-based mental training that uses music and neurofeedback to improve performance in elite athletes. (Startup)

  • AMES : Creator of a unique remote patient-monitoring technique to safeguard COPD patients from potentially life-threatening and costly hospitalizations. (Startup)

  • Doser : Enabling pharmacists to produce personalized medication locally and on demand. (Startup and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree )

  • EW2Health : Enables personalized health with patented AI-driven predictive behavioral analytics (Startup)

  • FlowBeams : Patented, needle-free injection technology to transform multiple industries, including pharmaceutics and cosmetics. FlowBeams’ device addresses the shortcomings associated with traditional needle-based methods, including needle-phobia, environmental pollution and safety concerns. (Startup)

  • : Enabling proactive surgery care. (Startup and C ES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree

  • Medical X : Providing innovative training and education in the field of medicine. (Startup)

  • RetinaScope : A handheld, low-cost retinal imaging device to empower AI-based screening for Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Age-Related Macular Degeneration. (Startup)

  • Sencure : A medical device company that develops high-end chips and medical wearables to accelerate and improve remote patient monitoring. (Startup)

  • SmartQare : A medical 24/7 monitoring solution for data-driven clinical decision support in remote patient care. (Startup)

  • Splendo Health : Developer of patient monitoring and communication software designed to improve patient well-being and outcomes in the perioperative space. (Startup) 

  • Surfix Diagnostics : Photonic diagnostics platform for the early detection and monitoring of cancer. (Startup)  

  • Whispp : AI-powered, real-time assistive voice technology and calling app that converts whispered and affected speech into a person’s clear, natural voice. (Startup and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree


  • : Creator of the world’s most powerful and advanced solutions for AI at the edge. Its game-changing hardware and software platform concentrates the AI computational power of an entire server into a single chip at a fraction of the power consumption and price of AI hardware today. (Startup and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree

  • Bubl Cloud : Restarting privacy-safe innovation on personal data by enabling innovators to create privacy-safe services in the cloud. (Startup)

  • CodeGlass : A software development tool designed to enhance problem-solving, even when issues are difficult to reproduce or there’s a lack of documentation or developers. (Startup)

  • COTIT : Ensures real-time visibility and traceability of goods from origin to destination. (Startup)

  • Dology : A software platform that provides modern AI-driven knowledge infrastructure for customer-facing teams. (Startup)

  • Engaige : An AI-powered customer service automation platform. (Startup)

  • EyeQ : Helps establish genuine connections through eye contact in video conversations. (Startup)

  • Freeday : A staffing platform for digital employees. (Startup)

  • Focus : The world’s first predictive AI analysis platform that accurately and reliably predicts the technological future based on global patent data. (Startup and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree

  • Fuga Cloud : Helps keep websites, business-critical platforms, and applications online 24/7. (Startup)

  • IntrinsicID : A provider of security IP for embedded systems based on Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) technology. (Scale-up) 

  • Klippa : An AI-based software company that automates administrative tasks. (Startup)

  • LiveDrop : An intuitive and secure unidirectional data-sharing technology that can be integrated into existing applications or used independently. (Startup)

  • MOOS : Powered by AI to predict stock level changes, register transactions and send customizable triggers accordingly. (Startup) 

  • SandGrain : Addresses the challenge of securing IoT end nodes with a simple system at a very low cost. (Startup)

  • Solvimon : A next-generation pricing and billing platform. (Startup)

  • TokenMe : A breakthrough construction-monitoring solution that improves productivity, safety and security using mobile sensors, AI and a real-time dashboard. (Startup)

  • Vox AI :  A voice AI that is efficient, conversational and speaks 35 languages, Vox AI is the perfect tool for drive-thru and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) businesses to relieve overworked employees, boost revenues by up to 17% and increase ROI by 14 times. (Startup)


  • Absolute Audio Labs (AAL) : Audio software for the hearing impaired. (Scale-up)

  • BREGGZ Hearables : The world’s first truly wireless, custom-made “in-ear” computer — a made-to-measure luxury hearable with an A+ audio experience. (Startup)

  • Concept 7 YourStoryz : A platform for mobile journalism, content creation and crowd journalism that combines a mobile app with a content distribution platform using AI. (Startup)

  • Dopple : Specializes in the design, development and industrialization of miniaturized smart wearables. (Startup)

  • Infuse Video : Generates personalized videos for customer engagement, training, marketing, and to create dynamic experiences. (Startup)

  • Livery Video : An irresistibly fun, shoppable and engaging video platform for businesses, media and influencers. (Startup) 

  • ​​NOWATCH : A personalized health tracker that keeps you aware of how your lifestyle impacts your health by measuring stress, sleep and activity so that you can take charge of your well-being. (Startup)

  • PhoneCam™ by SlimDesign : The ultimate safety companion. PhoneCam is the world’s first affordable miniaturized AI-powered body camera that provides personal safety by deterring and de-escalating unwanted behavior. (Startup and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree )  


  • Addoptics : Scale prototyping and production with affordable, industrial-quality optics. (Scale-up) 

  • InPhocal : A unique, concentric laser beam that reduces the need for ink and is 2.5 times faster than printing. (Startup)

  • MantiSpectra : NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy on a miniaturized spectral chip that can accurately measure material properties in real-time using just light. Enables portable NIR spectroscopy. (Startup and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree

  • Morphotonics : Nanotechnology for micro and nano-scale surfaces for next-gen mobile device screens, immersive AR glasses, higher efficiency solar panels and high-accuracy sensors. (Scale-up) 

  • Ommatidia : Creates an optical metrology and ranging architecture for 3D applications. (Startup)

  • Scantinel Photonics : A leading FMCW sensing technology company offering next-generation LiDAR solutions for autonomous mobility. (Startup)  

  • Starnus Technology : Developer of a highly flexible autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution, which allows third-party logistics (3PL) companies to deal with their rapidly changing operations. (Startup)

  • SuperLight Photonics : Develops supercontinuum generation lasers, aka wideband or white lasers. (Startup)  


  • CarbonX : Counters critical battery material shortages with a new carbon anode material, produced locally in high volumes at lower cost. (Startup)

  • Rheo Light by Ink Invent : A pigment manufacturer and developer of a ‘Tunable Detection and Determination Technology.’ (Startup and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree

  • Squad Mobility : The world’s first Solar City Car for sharing and private use. The ultimate smart urban mobility solution for emissions, congestion and parking. (Scale-up)

  • SolutionAir : A technology that can convert an existing engine into a high-pressure air combustion engine that uses no fossil fuels and produces zero emissions. (Startup) 

  • Urban Mobility Systems : Developer and manufacturer of BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and electrification systems for construction equipment, enabling zero-emission transport and construction. (Scale-up) 


  • Beecot : Provides construction and real estate solutions. Allows users to visualize the BIM model in the field by unlocking it in 2D, 3D, VR, and AR. (Startup)

  • Fectar : Interactive augmented and virtual reality experiences without programming are possible with Fectar’s VR and AR creator platform. (Startup)

  • Holoconnects : Creators of the Holobox, a realistic, immersive holographic communication tool that can be used either live or pre-recorded. ( Startup)

  • SenseGlove : Force and haptic feedback gloves that enable professionals to physically interact with virtual objects for VR training and research purposes. (Scale-up) 


  • 2DAYSMOOD : An easy-to-use tool for empowering directors, managers, and employees to take responsibility for creating a positive work environment. (Startup)

  • Sabender : A learning tool enriched with VR to increase effective teamwork. (Startup)

  • DialogueTrainer : Next-generation simulation platform for conversation training. (Scale-up)

  • EZ Factory : SaaS-based platform for optimizing operational effectiveness and efficiency of factory floor operations. (Scale-up) 

  • Happybase : A development platform grounded in positive psychology and design thinking, Happybase offers an approach to the major challenges organizations face with talent retention and development. (Startup)

  • My Global Workspace : Co-working spaces connected to universities in emerging countries. (Startup)

  • Naya : An ecosystem that empowers digital creators and creators of Naya Create, a modular keyboard that increases efficiency, flexibility and health. (Startup and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree

  • StellarUp : One platform for all organizational learning and development. (Startup)

About The Kingdom of the Netherlands 

The Netherlands strives to solve societal and economic challenges with local and international partners. The country ranks seventh on the Global Innovation Index, and Amsterdam is one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in Europe. As a trading nation, the Netherlands has continuously ranked as one of the top five foreign investors in the U.S. for multiple years, making the Netherlands the number one country with which the U.S. maintains a trade surplus. More than 955K jobs in the United States result from the strong economic relations with the Netherlands. 

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, in partnership with the Holland in the Valley network and the ScaleNL accelerator, empowers Dutch entrepreneurs and talent to innovate and scale in the U.S. Learn more at United States |