Innovative Dutch Tech Thrives at CES 2024 - United States

Innovative Dutch Tech Thrives at CES 2024

News item | 08-01-2024 | 13:46

70 Dutch startups will represent the Netherlands at CES 2024 this week, the world's largest technology fair. CES in Las Vegas is no longer just about gadgets, but increasingly about advanced tech solutions to solve our global challenges, this makes the conference a great match to what the Netherlands has to offer.

It’s the 8th time the Netherlands presents itself with a pavilion at CES. HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy of Techleap, will join CES and open the pavilion: "The Netherlands has a storied history of pushing the world towards new innovation. The 70 startups and scale-ups participating at CES 2024 represent one of the most exciting delegations. Their tech solutions are ambitious, unconventional, and most of all, focused on a better future for everyone." 

Top notch Dutch innovation is being recognized by the organization, the Consumer Tech Association. Twelve of the Dutch participants won a CES Innovation Award, one of the most prestigious tech awards. 

Potential Partners 
Dutch startup Happybase is set to captivate CES 2024 attendees. Eva Meijer, co-founder of Happybase: "We are the first HR development platform that is based on its own methodology, grounded in principles of positive psychology and design thinking. Our platform, empowered by an advanced AI buddy, provides employees with short, creative micro-learnings to identify their strengths, motivations, and ambitions." 

She has high ambitions for CES: “We aim to connect with potential partners and network with pioneers and experts in their fields. Our clients primarily consist of forward-thinking companies that prioritize their people, mirroring the type of companies that choose to visit CES. The setting provides an ideal platform for collaboration and sharing innovative ideas.”  

HoloConnects is pioneer in the hologram industry and also joins the pavilion. Andre Smith, Founder and CEO of HoloConnects: "In an era where digital transformation often leads to reduced human interaction across sectors, Holoconnects is capable of digitizing industries while preserving the human touch." 
For HoloConnects, participating in the NL Pavilion at CES is also about tapping into the immense opportunities the US market offers. Smith sees North America as a crucial growth market, stating, "We are growing rapidly in Europe, and we are seeing North America as an important growth market. With the opening of our US office in Miami in Q4 2023, we see this as our official launch in the US for our Holobox, the Holobox mini, and the Holobox Modular." 

Beyond the innovation, there's a sense of national pride driving these Dutch startups to CES. Smith of HoloConnects expresses this sentiment, saying, "Because we are proud of our Dutch roots and want to show the world that NL offers great technologies." 

Eva Meijer of Happybase has a clear view on her personal goals this week: “CES has been a success if we made the Dutch newspapers, bumped into Elvis and came back with fresh, innovative ideas and inspiring connections.” 

The Netherlands Tech Pavilion at CES is organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in collaboration with Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco.