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We breed innovation through our incredible educational system that nurtures pioneering and pragmatic solutions for an ever-changing world.

Dutch National Police believe prevention of crime is an important element of ensuring peace, justice, and security. As crime evolves, we must find innovative ways to adopt our practices and policies to meet the challenge.

One such example is cybercrime, which often involves young people. So the Dutch National Police developed a Cyber Offender Prevention program to take these offenders and harness their digital skills in legal ways that benefit society.

Cyber Offender Prevention is increasingly recognized as an effective and necessary response to cyber criminality, in addition to investigative efforts

Together with the private sector, growers, and knowledge institutes both in the Netherlands and abroad, we look for solutions to address challenges such as climate change, reduction of biodiversity, labor availability, increasing input costs, and environmental pressures.  

Innovations are focused on precision agriculture through digitization; improved monitoring of inputs and outputs using artificial intelligence; automation; robotization; new breeding technologies; and shortening of supply chains.  

We do this through proof-of-concept projects, such as the Farm of the Future in the Netherlands; international research collaborations, such as our Orchard of the Future work with the US Pacific Northwest; as well as investing in human capital through education and knowledge exchange.

The Netherlands is your partner for future-proof and climate-smart agriculture and food ecosystems.

With 60 percent of its land prone to flooding, the Netherlands has learned to innovate over the centuries to protect the lives and livelihoods of the Dutch people.

The worst flood in modern times occurred when the North Sea flooded in January 1953, claiming the lives of more than 2,500 people.

In response, the Netherlands created the Delta Works, an ambitious and innovative plan to prevent such flooding from re-occurring.

The system of three locks, six dams and four storm surge barriers make up the Netherlands’ largest flood defense system that protects the country against flooding from the North Sea. It has also made the Netherlands the world’s leading expert on flood prevention.

The Netherlands offers smart solutions to shared challenges, improving lifelong health and well-being. We particularly promote interdisciplinary research and development in public-private partnerships, linking research to product and business creation.

The Dutch government is helping the healthcare sector develop more eHealth services, giving people easier access to care and a better understanding of their own health. eHealth can also help keep health care affordable.

The Netherlands has the technological expertise and innovations in house to provide you high-quality pitches - whether artificial, hybrid or natural. Dutch businesses also have experience in building circular and sustainable sport venues with bio-based raw construction materials, solar panels and smart energy storage systems.

By teaming up and elevating sport we can build a better world, one which is healthier, greener and more peaceful.

With strong profiles in art, design, gaming, fashion, architecture, electronic dance music and more, Dutch creative industries have gained international acclaim for their innovative approach to creating thought-provoking works of art and solving the global challenges we all face.

In the same vein, Dutch design and fashion have both gained widespread popularity, and have become synonymous with quirky, out-of-the-box thinking, application of new technologies, highly distinctive forms, and far-reaching involvement of end users.

With its scale and close cultural ties with the Netherlands, the United States is an attractive destination for Dutch culture makers from all genres and disciplines.

To highlight the strength of Dutch culture and its interests for an American audience, the Netherlands assigns a cultural attaché whose staff promotes connections between the United States and the Netherlands.

Working primarily out of the Consulate General in New York, the cultural staff serves as an intermediary between the Dutch and American art worlds by promoting Dutch arts, culture and shared cultural heritage in the US, and by encouraging and facilitating cultural cooperation and exchange.

An important part of this work is DutchCultureUSA and its accompanying FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts.