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Health care, technological development, and sports can contribute to a healthy lifestyle while improving lifelong health and well-being. The Netherlands works in close cooperation with the US on smart solutions for today’s global healthcare challenges.

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Life Sciences and Health

The Netherlands offers smart solutions to shared challenges, improving lifelong health and well-being. We particularly promote interdisciplinary research and development in public-private partnerships, linking research to product and business creation.

In the US we are working with businesses, research institutes, universities, and government agencies. Focus areas include digital health, e-health, and medtech.


Whether watching, playing, or celebrating, the Dutch and the Americans share a passion for sports. Having an extensive infrastructure for amateur and professional sports, both the US and the Netherlands excel in a wide range of sports, whether it’s on the ice, a soccer field, a baseball diamond, or basketball courts.

With the aspiration of leaving no one behind and its promotion of tolerance and respect, sports can be used as a platform for economic development, social inclusion, and environmental protection.

Areas of cooperation are, for instance, performance analytics and development, fan engagement, vitality, and smart and sustainable venues.

We contribute to the development of rapidly growing sports like soccer and many Dutch athletes, including from the Caribbean Netherlands, have found their way to top-level sports teams in the US, including in Major League Soccer, the National Basketball AssociationMajor League Baseball, and the National Football League.