Economic Ties - United States

Economic Ties

In 2022, the United States exported $100.7 billion in goods and services to the Netherlands while importing $49.3 billion from the Netherlands. As a result, the trade surplus with Netherlands increased to $51.4 billion, making the Netherlands the trading partner with which the US has the highest trading surplus.

The economic ties between the United States and the Netherlands supported 1,022,473 American jobs in 2022. The map below has state-by-state data on jobs in America as well as exports to the Netherlands. You can also find a list of Dutch companies that do business in each state, as well as the number of Americans who are of Dutch descent. These numbers illustrate the vibrant role the Dutch play in supporting a robust US economy. 

Methodology behind the numbers

An estimated 1,022,473 American jobs were supported by American trade and investment relations with the Netherlands in 2022.

This number consists of two parts: direct jobs at Dutch enterprises active in the United States and jobs supported by the export of goods and services to the Netherlands.

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis calculated that 603,100 direct jobs were the result of Dutch enterprises active in the United States.

According to the US International Trade Administration, every $1 billion of goods exported supports 4,024 US jobs while every $1 billion of services exports supports 4,744 US jobs, as is shown in the bar graph on the left.

With total goods exports of $73 billion and total services exports of $27.7 billion to the Netherlands in 2022, calculation yields 419,643 supported jobs due to exports to the Netherlands.

Economic Ties Map