CALL FOR PROPOSALS | Research and Report on Sustainability within the Embassy - South Africa

CALL FOR PROPOSALS | Research and Report on Sustainability within the Embassy

News item | 04-06-2024 | 13:36

The Embassy of the Netherlands in South Africa is committed to turning sustainable policy into action. We're seeking a qualified service provider to conduct a thorough research project on our sustainability practices.

1.    Background & Objective
A key objective of the Netherlands Embassy in Pretoria, is to turn sustainable policy into sustainable action.  In support of this and to further improve its services and communication, the Embassy aims to gain better insight into the sustainability practices available in and around the Embassy.

Through this Request for Proposals, the Embassy wishes to identify a suitable service provider to conduct the above mentioned research.

2.    Scope of work

Main Goal:
To conduct an impact analysis focused on identifying and discussing the top three emission areas of 
the Embassy. This analysis will serve as a foundation for understanding the most significant sources of emissions and providing a critical basis for targeted environmental management and policy formulation.

-    Identification and analysis of top three emission areas:
Utilise current data and research to identify the three primary areas contributing the most to emission within the Embassy. This should involve a comprehensive review of various aspects of the Embassy’s operations such as transportation, procurement process and waste management.
Analyse the factors contributing to high emissions in these areas, including but not limited to, technological, economic, social and regulatory aspects. The analysis should also consider the impact of these emissions on climate change, environmental degradation, and public health.

-    Propose initial recommendations for reducing emissions in the identified top three areas:
These recommendations should be based on best practices, technological innovations, policy interventions, and behavioural changes that have been effective either locally or globally.
Highlight the potential benefits of implementing these recommendations, including improvements in environmental quality, health outcomes, and compliance with national and international environmental targets.

3.    Deliverables:

The following should be delivered by 01 September, 2024:
1.    An electronic report of the aggregated results in both narrative and visual format. The report (max 15 pages) – submitted in Word and PDF -  will include a sustainability roadmap which will include a detailed and realistic two-year path. This path must  include existing ambitions and functional guidelines for the Embassy in Pretoria (to be shared).
2.    A one-page summary (in the form of an infographic) and PowerPoint, which can be used in external communication. The exact content to be included will be determined in agreement  with the Embassy.
3.    Evaluate the financial feasibility of proposed sustainability initiatives through the formulation of a full cost analysis.

4.    Request for proposals:

Suitable Services Providers will meet the following criteria: 
•    A proven track record of conducting similar research and implementing projects for companies, embassies and/or government institutions
•    Familiarity with local regulations, environmental challenges, and sustainability initiatives in Pretoria and South Africa
•    Demonstrated knowledge and experience in assessing building sustainability performance, including energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and sustainable procurement practices
The following information should be included in the Expression on Interest (max 5 pages): 
•    Resumes of the consultants outlining relevant qualifications and experience;
•    Your understanding of the project;
•    Methodology;
•    An itemized financial proposal / budget;
•    Timeline;
•    Motivation that criteria as described above are met. 

Suitable service providers are requested to submit proposals to before 20 June, 2024.

5.    Budget
A maximum budget of EUR 5000,00 - ZAR 100,603  (including VAT) is available for this project.