About us - South Africa

About us

The Netherlands missions in South Africa comprise our embassy in Pretoria and our consulate-general in Cape Town. We also have honorary consuls in Botswana, Eswatini, La Reunion, Lesotho and Namibia. As well as providing various consular services, and supporting Dutch nationals abroad, our missions represent the government of the Netherlands in South Africa and work to strengthen the relationship between our countries and promote collaboration. Our ambassador is also officially accredited to SADC.

Solving Global Challenges Together - We stand for openness, innovation, and inclusivity

Our mission statement

"Our mission is to work closely with our South(ern) African counterparts to increase bilateral trade and investment, contribute to  more inclusive and sustainable development, promote a strong rules-based multilateral order, especially with respect to human rights and democratic values, foster peace and security, further cultural cooperation and cultural heritage and decisive action with respect to climate change.

While working to promote the interests of Dutch citizens, business, civil society and government, we align our approach with South African interests, recognising that global challenges can only be confronted together.

Our approach is based on respect, partnership and equality (#cocreateSA). We want to be an effective and trusted partner."

Through our themes of Innovation, Shared Values, Transformation & Identity, Climate Action and Resilient Cities we work with the following aims:

  • To promote trade between the Netherlands and South Africa and contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth in South Africa by promoting Dutch investment and trade.
  • To enhance cooperation on climate action to the benefit of all parties involved, and to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To work hand in hand with South Africa, as a strategic partner, on global and regional issues of common interest, such as security, international law, human rights, and the rule of law in a national and multilateral context, and further the development of peace, stability, migration and security.
  • To address issues of our shared historical and cultural background and look for future opportunities to keep working together on cultural issues, including education.

Netherlands Mission in South Africa

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