CALL FOR PROPOSALS | Cultural projects related to KhoiSan heritage, history and identity - South Africa

CALL FOR PROPOSALS | Cultural projects related to KhoiSan heritage, history and identity

News item | 17-04-2024 | 19:55

As part of our #cocreateIDENTITY programme, the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa is inviting proposals from South African artists and cultural organisations for projects that relate to KhoiSan heritage, identity and history. There are two contribution grants of R120 000 and three contribution grants of R 60 000 available. The grants should not exceed more than 50% of the total project budget.

The application deadline is Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 23:00. Applicants will be informed of the outcomes by Wednesday, 22  May 2024. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The #cocreateIDENTITY programme seeks to open meaningful dialogue around questions of identity and transformation in the context of our countries’ shared cultural heritage, and the legacy of Dutch colonial history in South Africa. It does so by supporting South African cultural initiatives and collaborations between Dutch and South African artists, which reflect on the themes of identity in relation to our colonial legacy. Using the power of the arts to make space for challenging conversations, we aim to contribute to the ongoing conversation about colonial history in the Netherlands and worldwide. 

What are we looking for? 
•    Cultural projects related to KhoiSan history, heritage and identity; including, but not limited to, music, dance, visual arts, literature, tangible and intangible heritage.
•    South African artists and cultural organisations with an established track record. 
•    Projects that take place between 15 June, 2024 and 15 October, 2024 in South Africa. Running projects are only eligible if the requested funding is for new activities within the scope of the ongoing project.
•    A solid communication strategy. 

Application process
Complete our application form before Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 23:00. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Make sure your project is clearly explained and all the relevant documents are attached.

Application form 
Organisation registration form 
Budget template

Terms and conditions
•    The organisation is a registered organisation and recognized as a legal entity in South Africa. 
•    The applicant has solid financial management and guarantees the efficient implementation of the activities for which funding is being requested. 
•    Support will be transferred in two tranches to the South African applicant’s bank account, which must be a legal entity. 
•    The amount cannot be transferred to international accounts. If the project involves payments to international artists or organisations, this must be accounted for in the overall budget
•    The applicant must bear a portion of the project costs, with full funding by the Netherlands being prohibited. This contribution can be calculated in direct or indirect costs (overheads, use of physical facilities, team working hours, etc.), but must be included in the contribution from the parties. Third-party contributions are allowed, provided these institutions meet the same requirements for the applicant as listed above.
•    The activity for which funding is being requested cannot aim to finance commercial services, investments, or political projects.
•    The Embassy of the Netherlands cannot finance the payment of any taxes and fees or the acquisition of material goods that can subsequently be incorporated into the assets of the applicant or its partners, such as vehicles, computer and electronic equipment, industrial equipment etc.
•    Salary payment for employees and professionals directly involved in the project is allowed, provided it is calculated exclusively for work on the project and does not account for a significant portion of the budget.
•    The #cocreateIDENTITY programme is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa within the framework of the International Cultural Policy unit of the Dutch Government. In accepting the grant the applicant will enter into a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and agrees to be bound by the legal requirements of the grant.
•    The application must include a full and detailed budget of all costs involved. This budget must clearly show which costs the applicant wants to cover with Embassy funds and which costs are covered by other parties. Please supply the names of the other funders.
•    The Dutch government should be clearly mentioned in the (marketing) communications. 

Not sure if your project applies? Questions can be directed to  – use #cocreateIDENTITY as the heading