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Resilient Cities

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Cities are increasingly seen not just as the engines of innovation and economic growth but also the level at which solutions to problems can be produced to comfort the lives of its citizens. This creates opportunities for bilateral collaboration at national, regional and city levels to contribute to such solutions. 

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Participants take notes at the launch of the Orange Corners programme at the Tshimologong precinct in Braamfontien, Johannesburg.

Resilient Cities is therefore one of the key focus areas for cooperation between South Africa (SA) and the Netherlands (NL). It is an umbrella theme under which multiple sectors can be explored and showcased within the NL mission network in SA (the Embassy in Pretoria and the Consulate General in Cape Town).

The Netherlands is connecting with South African partners to use the Resilient Cities approach as a framework to look at the city in an integral way and better understand its challenges to co-create sustainable solutions together.  SA and NL students, start-ups, and entrepreneurs collaborate and work together to share, expertise and innovations and co-create practical solutions for urban challenges.

Shared interest

South Africa and the Netherlands have a shared interest to build back greener and smarter post the Covid19 pandemic. We believe that by leveraging our separate knowledge, skills and expertise we can develop joint solutions for our shared urban challenges.

A key tool in this regard is our biannual event called #cocreateMYCITY (CCMC), which aims to bring some of the sharpest minds from both South Africa and the Netherlands together to wrestle with novel ideas; exchange knowledge and share lessons learned. 

The hybrid event in 2021 had a full day programme with sessions on

  • The Circular Economy
  • Biowaste
  • AI, Blockchain and Big Data
  • Digital Twinning
  • Cyber Security
  • Hortipreneurship
  • Growing city entrepreneurs
  • Spatial justice

Virtual City

Welcome to our virtual city! Here you can find smart solutions for resilient cities. In the Netherlands we are constantly looking for innovations to improve life in and around cities. Working together is essential to expand our knowledge and make it widely available. Topics include Economy & Employment, Economy & Employment, Health & Food, Security, Security, Urban Design, Logistics, Climate & Energy, Water, and Liveable Cities.

For example, Startup Village brings together a community of startups and network partners on AI and Quantum innovation. Rotterdam Innovation City created a Digital Twin of the city to provide real time data architects, the fire brigade and residents. DakAkker is one of the largest open-air roof farms in Europe in the middle of a busy city. Explore more smart solutions here in our virtual city.

Smart Solutions for Resilient Cities – How can we #cocreateSANL