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In the light of global climate change, clean energy solutions are rapidly gaining importance worldwide. Also in South Africa, a move can be seen towards renewable energy. The country has committed itself to ambitious emission reduction targets, and policies are developed to stimulate the development and uptake of renewable alternatives. This commitment is supported by the electricity scarcity that the country faces, the rich renewable energy resource base and the growing public and private awareness of the need for renewables.

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The Netherlands

The embassy welcomes this development, and sees potential for bilateral cooperation to strengthen the renewable energy sector in South Africa. The Dutch renewable energy and energy efficiency industry has significant expertise in several fields of clean energy, with a high degree of knowledge, reputable research institutes and innovative industry players. The embassy believes that cooperation between South Africa and the Netherlands could benefit both countries, as it will allow for technology and knowledge transfer. The Dutch industry will also have the opportunity to explore new market segments.

Opportunities in South Africa

With the majority of the population connected to the electricity grid and a target of 150,000 new connections yearly, the demand for energy is growing and the role of renewable energy is increasing. South Africa has a large potential for clean energy. The country has a rich renewable resource base, particularly in solar, wind and biomass. Besides this, the government has set ambitious targets for emission reductions and the future share of renewable energy in the national energy mix. Policies are developed to stimulate renewable energy development and steer the South African energy market towards a more sustainable direction. This provides interesting opportunities for cooperation between South Africa and the Netherlands, which has a significant clean energy expertise.

The embassy recognizes the need for a better insight into opportunities, including the state of play in the different subsectors and the policy and legislative developments. Therefore the embassy has commissioned four market entry studies for the subsectors wind energy, green buildings, biomass and waste-to-energy. The executive summaries of these studies can be found on this website.

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