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Ukraine: Interactive Dialogue on the High Commissioner's Oral Update

News item | 02-04-2024 | 15:25

Statement of the Benelux

Thank you Mr. President,

I deliver this statement on behalf of the Benelux countries, Belgium, Luxembourg and my own country the Netherlands.

We thank the High Commissioner for his report.

“We are so used to whispering due to fear, that even now we still whisper.”

This is the harrowing testimony of a woman who lived under Russian occupation in the Kherson region, quoted in your most recent report.

The atrocities described in this report are appalling.

The Russian Armed forces act in total impunity, condoned by their military and political hierarchies.

The testimonies of victims clearly show that Ukrainian civilians are living under a stifling climate of fear.

Their human rights are violated on a daily basis.

Their expressions of Ukrainian culture and identity suppressed.

Civilians are arbitrary detained and tortured, before disappearing by force.

Children are abducted.

We condemn in the strongest terms past and ongoing human rights violations.

The victims of such atrocities deserve justice.

We, therefore, need to continue our fight for accountability for the people of Ukraine.

This is why we recognize the essential work of the HRMMU, the CoI and all others collecting and preserving evidence and working towards justice. This is why we call on Russia to grant full access to OHCHR to ensure monitoring and accountability.

Mr. High Commissioner,

How can the international community best support Ukraine and its people in adopting a comprehensive approach to accountability and how can global and regional initiatives complement each other in this regard?

Thank you