Human Rights Council 53rd Session: Interactive Dialogue/Panel Discussion on report of the UN High Commissioner on Sudan - PR UN, WTO and other organisations Geneva

Human Rights Council - 53rd Session:  Interactive Dialogue/Panel Discussion on report of the UN High Commissioner on Sudan | 19-06-2023

Statement delivered by Ernst Schütte, Second Secretary of the Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Thank you Mr. President,

The Kingdom of the Netherlands thanks the High Commissioner for his report on Sudan. We are deeply concerned by its findings. The people of Sudan are confronted with continued violence, discrimination and atrocities. We commend the people of Sudan for their incredible courage and resilience in their demand for a peaceful and democratic future.

We are shocked by the ongoing and worsening violence against women and girls, which is unacceptable. We urge Sudanese authorities to promulgate a zero-tolerance policy for sexual and gender-based violence, to end all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls, and to ensure their meaningful participation in public affairs.

For a peaceful future, a vibrant and diverse civil society is indispensable. The Netherlands applauds Sudan’s CSOs for their courage and resilience. Their work is essential for accountability, humanitarian aid, and giving youth in Sudan a voice to shape their future.

Mr. High Commissioner, how can the international community continue to support civil society organisations that are active in Sudan under these difficult circumstances?

I thank you.