Human Rights Council 52nd Session: Debate on Racial Discrimination - PR UN, WTO and other organisations Geneva

Human Rights Council:  52nd Session: Debate on Racial Discrimination | 29-03-2023

Delivered by H.E. Lars Tummers, Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador for Humanitarian Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Thank you, Mr. (Vice-)President/Chair.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands aligns itself with the EU statement.

The Netherlands is concerned about the trends in racial discrimination observed worldwide and is equally committed to prevent and combat racial discrimination at home.

To further enhance and inform our national policies, the National Coordinator against Discrimination and Racism has set up a so-called  Inspiration Council comprised of key figures of Dutch society with expertise on the subject. Through townhall sessions the National Coordination regularly engages with a wider public in order to identify and effectively address persistent patterns of discrimination and racism.

As we mentioned during our UPR adoption yesterday, we are pleased that equal treatment legislation will soon be introduced in the Caribbean parts of the country of the Netherlands. With the introduction protection against discrimination and racism will be increased domestically.

We feel strongly about the need to end discrimination and racism worldwide. The Netherlands therefore stands ready to play its part in international dialogue and cooperation on this issue, as a matter of priority.

I thank you.