Human Rights Council 49th session: Interactive dialogue with Commission of Inquiry on Syrian Arab Republic - PR UN, WTO and other organisations Geneva

Human Rights Council 49th Session: Interactive dialogue with Commission of Inquiry on Syrian Arab Republic | 18-03-2022

Statement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Mr. President,

The Kingdom of the Netherlands aligns itself with the EU and expresses its deepest appreciation for the Commission of Inquiry.

The people of Syria have been facing gross human rights violations for more than a decade, with almost no prospects for a safer future in sight. The number of newly displaced people is still on the rise and the poverty rate has reached an unprecedented 90 percent.

The Netherlands applauds the courage and determination of those who have steadfastly worked to hold the perpetrators of this cynical conflict accountable. It is not without result. In January this year the Koblenz court convicted a senior Assad government official for crimes against humanity. An historic verdict that should serve as a catalyst for future accountability initiatives. Therefore the Netherlands commends the Commission of Inquiry for its vital role in countering impunity and calls upon the international community to continue to seek justice for the victims of the Assad regime.

Distinguished members of the Commission:

More than a hundred thousand Syrians are still left in the dark about the fate of their missing loved ones. Would the Commission of Inquiry advise to establish a new entity to coordinate and consolidate claims regarding missing persons, or could this best be achieved by strengthening coordination among organisations that are currently already involved in such work?

Thank you.