Water and maritime - Malaysia

Water and Maritime

The Netherlands is known worldwide for strong engineering and innovative solutions in overcoming water challenges. This is among the key areas of cooperation with Malaysia.

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Over the years the Netherlands embassy has facilitated knowledge exchange, business partnerships and academic collaborations with Dutch organisations and experts within the water sector  in Malaysia. The embassy has also coordinated the visits of water delegations to trade events such as ASIA WATER or the Malaysia International Water Convention.

Annually we conduct the Malaysia Netherlands Water Dialogue as a platform for experts to address various water issues including waste water treatment, water pollution, non-revenue water, flood mitigation and technological solutions.

Flood mitigation

We  work closely with Malaysia in the area of flood mitigation. The Netherlands embassy has facilitated the  deployment of a Disaster Risk Reduction team which is an instrument provided by the Dutch government. Through this program, we brought in Dutch experts to give consultations on overcoming the flood problems. In 2022 flood mitigation continues to be high on our agenda and we are in the process of engaging another DRR team for support.

The Netherlands embassy has been instrumental in fostering collaborations in maritime and port development. The Dutch seaports particularly the Port of Rotterdam is among the larger ports in Europe and is active in projects worldwide including the state of Sarawak.

Many Dutch companies have business operations in Malaysia involving port logistics and dredging and supply chain. The Dutch maritime sector is active in the area of shipbuilding, maritime infrastructure, consulting  and supplying of products. The embassy supports by identifying opportunities for this sector and promoting business development with the local stakeholders in Malaysia