Innovation and Digitalization - Malaysia

Innovation and Digitalization

Malaysia has set ambitious targets to promote digitalization and advance industries. With high internet coverage and adaptation of online services, Malaysia is well posed to further digitize its economy.

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Digitalization and Industry 4.0

Malaysia has set ambitious targets to promote digitalization

Malaysia expects an investment of RM70 billion in digitalization between 2020 and 2025. A nationwide 5G network will be rolled out in the next 10 years, cloud service providers are expected to substantially enlarge their capacity and efforts are being made to enhance cyber security.

With these developments, opportunities will arise for Dutch businesses to provide solutions to advance digitalization and Industry 4.0 uptake, such as artificial intelligence and big data solutions, digital skills and e-learning, cyber security and e-commerce. Sectors with potential for innovation include manufacturing, agriculture, health-care and port development.

Malaysia also plays a vital role in the global supply chain for semiconductors, with over 180 national and international companies active in the industry. Various Dutch companies, including BESI, Nexperia and NXP, also operate facilities in the country.

Life Sciences and Health

An MoU was signed between Erasmus Medical Centre and UiTM Hospital

In the area of Life Sciences and Health (LSH), the Netherlands Embassy active in promoting Dutch innovation and facilitating companies . Under an internationalization strategy of the Dutch top sector called the Strategic Multi Annual Market (SMM) approach, ASEAN-5 countries including Malaysia is listed as a priority market.

The main theme of the SMM is in the area of Connected Care. This includes healthcare solutions that increase the accessibility to (SDG3) and focusing on efficiency and effectiveness of health. Our programs would focus on subsectors including E-health and digital transformation, healthy ageing and health infrastructure.

In 2022, the we organised the visit of an LSH mission from the Netherlands. The delegation consisted of the Vice Minister for Public Health from the Netherlands, Ms. Marjolijn Sonnema along with several Dutch companies and medical centers. The embassy plays an active role in bringing about dialogues at the governmental level while facilitating more connections with the wider LSH network in Malaysia. Further activities for  LSH  including two outgoing missions to the Netherlands  will be held in the coming months.

Responsible Business Conduct

Jodelen Ortiz MItra promotes dcent work for all. Says no to forced labour, child labour and all forms of exploitation

The Dutch government expects companies to do business in a responsible way and perform proper due diligence throughout their supply chain. As an entrepreneur in Malaysia, you may face specific risks and challenges. Points of attention include the working conditions and treatment of foreign workers in a variety of sectors, as well as potential deforestation and environmental damage.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands activity supports Dutch businesses and their supply chain partners by promoting responsible business conduct. We offer practical tools and information and provide access to our network of experts. Regularly, we organise events to inform the network on developments in due diligence requirements and contemporary standards. We also highlight best company practices and promote the sharing of lessons learned.