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We use the power of culture to strengthen the sustainable relationship and cooperation between the Netherlands and Malaysia.

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Young Explorer Scholarship Fund

Online Calefax workshop

This project was focused on underprivileged students and was carried out by The Rondo Production . The students attended online masterclasses with one of the finest ensembles from the Netherlands: the Calefax Ensemble. We believe that young people should have access to music, regardless of their financial situation.

With this project we wanted to inspire and engage communities through musical excellence. Renowned musicians and groups across the world are invited to share their insights and ideas with the underprivileged communities.

“Calefax can be defined as a classical ensemble with a pop mentality. A close-knit ensemble of five reed players, they are the inventors of a completely new genre: the reed quintet. They provide inspiration to young wind players from all over the world who follow in their footsteps.”

Malaka Dutch Day

On 4 December 2021 the embassy organised ‘Melaka Dutch Day’ to focus on preserving Dutch cultural heritage in Melaka. This concerns amongst others the preservation of gravestones. The ties with Melaka were strengthened through support for Stadthuys Museum.

The day started with the launch of a 360 degree QR Code Visual Tour at the St Paul Church. Followed by a memorable day filled with activities like: an Exhibition of Eurasian Families Photos, Food Bazaar, Batik Painting and Clay Clog Shoe Painting. The activities took place in and around the ‘Stadthuys’ museum and were catered to Malaysian families in Melaka to raise awareness about the Dutch cultural heritage.

The day was concluded with a classical music performance organised by ‘Melaka Classics’ in the Christ Church that was originally built by the Dutch in 1753.

The event was co-organised by local partners such as Tourism Melaka, the Melaka World Heritage Office and the Melaka City Council.