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Circular Economy

To leave future generations a better world, we need to work smarter and accelerate, innovate and scale up our efforts in adapting to the inevitable effects of climate change. The Netherlands and Malaysia work together towards a circular economy.

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The Ocean Clean up Interceptors 005

The Ocean Clean up Interceptors 002 and 005 are operating in the Klang River. The Dutch embassy is proud to have assisted The Ocean Cleanup in installing the interceptors here, and help stopping plastic entering the oceans via rivers.

Interceptor 005 is the second Interceptor deployed in the Klang River, one of the 50 most polluted rivers globally. This project was largely enabled by successful relationships and the network we managed to build up around the deployment of Interceptor 002 in 2020.

The band Coldplay funded the build and deployment of this Interceptor, which will be the first contributor to the 15m pounds of trash we will remove from rivers as part of the #TeamSeas campaign.