Ambassador Jacques Werner - Malaysia

The ambassador

Jacques Werner

Dutch ambassador in Kuala Lumpur
Jacques Werner has been the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Malaysia since 2022.

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What was your connection with Malaysia prior to becoming Ambassador?

I had visited Malaysia already a number of times before I arrived here in September 2022. The first time was in 1988 and - many years later when I was Ambassador in Singapore from 2013 to 2017 – I crossed the causeway several times into Johor and up to Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands. So I already was somewhat acquainted with Malaysia, its people and its wonderful food! Hence, no surprise I wanted to go to Malaysia for my last posting and I was happy to get it.

How would you describe the relationship between the Netherlands and Malaysia?

I believe I step into an positive and thriving bilateral relationship that still has a good potential for further growth. We go back a long time together and, at the same time, I believe we have a bright future ahead. We cover wide areas of cooperation, ranging from national heritage to circular economy. Furthermore, the current challenging times, geopolitically, call for further international cooperation, also between countries like ours on different sides of the globe. Distance is no excuse anymore for an intensive relationship.

What do you think the Netherlands can learn from Malaysia? And what can Malaysia learn from the Netherlands?

We can learn from each other about the various ways to improve our economies, our societies and our common challenges. Think of climate change and how that affects our two countries, partly in a similar way but also partly in different ways: more droughts, more floods, sea level rise, biodiversity. If we combine forces, we can co-create solutions for both of us, but also for others.

What do you hope to achieve in your role as Ambassador to Malaysia?

I hope to be a good steward of an expanding relationship between our two countries. I will seek to initiate and catalyze tangible partnerships, such as in the areas of agro, water, business and entrepreneurship and culture. I also want to promote more people to people contacts. There are many opportunities; I hope to help giving life to at least a few.

Finally, what are you proud of?

I will be proud when some of these ambitions materialize. Little drops can grow into an ocean. The next generation deserves a better world than we have today.