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Sustainable Transportation

The Netherlands believes that we must take immediate action, urgently and collectively, to leave a profound legacy for today’s and future generations. The Netherlands and Indonesia join forces and change course towards sustainable port and airport development.

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Capacity building and vocational training

Capacity Building and Vocational Training is the core of the partnership in maritime connectivity and delta development between the Netherlands and Indonesia. Through this, both countries are able to share best practices and promote sustainable initiatives. For instance the Dutch Training & Exposure Program (DUTEP), a project focusing on integrated urban water management in Indonesia. And Port Training Center, focusing on enhancing skills of Indonesian port workers; where higher education institutes, the private sector and the government work closely together to make these programs a success.

Maritime Cooperation

Following the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2016, extended in 2019, both governments, the private sector and knowledge institutes join forces to realize maritime goals and solve shared challenges. Bilateral Maritime Forum is organized annually, allowing public and private sectors from both countries to discuss current opportunities and developments in the sector, such as on infrastructure (e.g. Port Development and Shipbuilding) and education.

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