Circular economy - Canada

Circular economy

Finding solutions together

Canada and the Netherlands are turning circular innovations into everyday practice, creating sustainable economic growth on the go.

From scraps to biogas: Dutch innovation in BC

Image: ©Orgaworld/Waste Treatment Technologies

Making gas out of scraps is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint. Dutch company Waste Treatment Technologies (WTT) and the city of Surrey in British Columbia have partnered up to do just that: collecting household and garden waste to make and distribute biogas, using unique Dutch technology.

The Surrey facility is the first closed-loop waste management system in North America, and one of the biggest.

Island hopping on Dutch-built hybrid ferries

Image: ©BC Ferries
Island hopping on electric ferries will take off in western Canada as BC Ferries has teamed up with Damen Shipyards Group in the Netherlands to build 4 more hybrid vessels in 2020 to the 2 Damen has already built for BC Ferries. The hybrid ferries will use diesel to generate electricity. Dutch Damen Shipyards was awarded the additional order because BC Ferries is standardising its fleet and Damen specializes in the standardization of ships.

Modular recycling and reuse centers

Image: ©Modulo  A recycling and reuse center designed and installed by Modulo

Reducing illegal dumping and stimulating recycling are high on the agenda of communities worldwide. Modulo designs and installs recycling and reuse centers that allow residents to dispose of recyclable materials and waste safely and conveniently.

Dutch CEO Ward Janssens: 'The stations are constructed using modular concrete blocks instead of pour-in-place solutions or bins on the ground. The space underneath the stations can also be used. The stations can be expanded or adapted as regulations, management practices or population change'. Modulo has supplied and installed award winning projects in Quebec and Ontario Provinces.