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Finding solutions together

Trade with Canada: simple and profitable under CETA

CETA is a trade agreement between Canada and all the EU countries, including the Netherlands. CETA cuts tariffs and makes trade between Canada and the EU easier.

CETA success story: Canuck/Accuflex

Image: ©Canuck

CETA has strengthened the partnership between Dutch company Canuck and Canadian company Accuflex. Canuck supplies the drinks industry with equipment to cool, transport and pour their drinks in bars. Accuflex is a thermoplastic hose and tubing manufacturer. Its tubing is an important component in Canuck’s products. Thanks to CETA, tariffs and trade barriers are not an issue anymore. The partners can easily work together and exchange their knowledge and network.

CETA success story: Jaga Systems

Image: ©Jaga

Dutch climate control company Jaga is using environmentally friendly technology like heat pumps and solar energy to warm up homes and public buildings everywhere in the world. Jaga Canada has installed its climate control systems in buildings such as the BC Hydro facility and MC2 residential towers in Vancouver. Jaga states that reduced import duties under CETA have been very beneficial for the company so far.