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The Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector has a leading position in the world. Brazil faces similar societal challenges as The Netherlands, which leads to (business and research) opportunities and many partnerships between the two countries, for example in e-health, hospital management and healthy ageing.

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The Netherlands invests in digital solutions for better and affordable cure & care. Telemedicine is also in Brazil an important field, which leads to business with Dutch remote care companies.

Hospital management, incl. medical devices and supplies

Patient-centered care and digitalization of health care are focal points for both the Netherlands and Brazil. Innovative software and devices developed through partnerships between Dutch and Brazilian companies are pivotal, allowing for centralized management of hospitals and the development of connected devices, from Brazil-born EMR systems to Dutch developed MRI scans, throughout the patient’s journey.

Mobility & vitality (healthy ageing)

The Netherlands and Brazil work closely together in the research of healthy ageing. This involves fundamental research (genomics, chronic diseases) and studies on nutrition & life style. Among others, Dutch University Medical Centres share  data and perform studies together with Brazilian institutes.