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High Tech Systems and Materials are providing smart solutions for many challenges in our daily lives. The Netherlands is well known for its creative and innovative approach. We actively collaborate and co-create with Brazilian government, companies and researchers in e.g. health-tech, aviation and precision agriculture.

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Smart mobility

Business and joint innovations in smart and green mobility involve e.g. intelligent traffic systems, sustainable airports and energy-efficient airplanes, automated ports and innovative road transport solutions for people and cargo.

Advanced Materials

Together, the Netherlands and Brazil create and apply advanced materials like composites, nanomaterials and biobased materials. The Dutch and Brazilian aerospace clusters are closely cooperating, to develop lighter, low-maintenance aircrafts. Other innovation and business activities focus on high performance materials for energy production and storage, nanomaterials for medical applications, and biodegradable plastics for packaging. Whatever the application, sustainability is leading.

Precision Agriculture

The Netherlands and Brazil are both world players in agriculture and work together, in business and in research, to implement precision agriculture to further increase productivity and sustainability. This involves smart solutions such as Internet of Things, satellite-based crop data and high tech farming equipment.