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The Netherlands and Brazil share a rich and longstanding cultural cooperation across various artistic disciplines. Brazil holds a significant position as one of the priority countries in the International Cultural Cooperation Policy of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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The collaboration between both countries has fostered a broad and robust network. The cultural partnership encompasses diverse areas such as design, architecture, literature, performing arts, film, music, and the creative industry. Through dynamic partnerships and ongoing exploration, numerous successful and visible activities have been executed between cultural organizations in both nations.

This partnership is driven by a shared commitment to nurturing artistic exchange, fostering dialogue, and promoting cultural understanding. It serves as a platform for showcasing the talents and innovations of artists from the Netherlands and Brazil, facilitating cross-cultural learning and inspiration.

We strive to build stronger bonds between our countries, enhance bilateral relations, and promote the creative industries of both nations. The exchange of ideas, knowledge, and artistic expressions contributes to a deeper appreciation of each other's cultures and strengthens the global cultural landscape.

The network of posts seeks and creates a stage for Dutch makers. The Dutch cultural sector is effectively and visibly positioned by facilitating new connections. Cooperation with and demand from Brazilian cultural organizations is an absolute precondition for this.

Seeking to facilitate international cooperation between the Netherlands and Brazil in the area of culture, every year the Embassy and Consulates General of the Netherlands in Brazil publish an open call for cultural institutions, artists, cultural professionals, designers, writers, poets, photographers, technicians, musicians, historians, to present proposals that aim at the exchange between these two countries, within the theme “Cultural Connections, Liveable Cities”.

International Cultural Heritage

For the Netherlands, the international cultural heritage in Brazil is of great historical and cultural value. This concerns the comprehensive heritage from the colonial era and, increasingly, the recent heritage associated with 20th-century migration to Brazil. For Brazil, the Dutch heritage is essential historically and economically because of its tourist value.

Annually, the Embassy publishes an open call for project proposals aiming to support projects in Brazil for the conservation, sustainable use, management and visibility of cultural heritage between the Netherlands and Brazil, whether tangible or intangible.