Sustainable food production - Australia

Sustainable food production

Finding solutions together

For many years, the Netherlands and Australia have cooperated in the fields of agriculture and horticulture. The principle of circular agriculture, and addressing leakages along the value chain to create a more innovative, profitable, sustainable and competitive sector creates many ongoing opportunities.

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Working together in keeping Australian crops safe

Image: ©Bird Control Group
Through their Australian partner, Bird Control Group provides a laser bird deterrent system. The Dutch technology is designed to help farmers deter bird species, without causing any physical harm to the birds. The efficient and cost effective bird control method decreases crop loss and increases the revenue of farmers. The technology is currently employed throughout Australia.

Applying Dutch circularity expertise to dairy farming

Image: ©Lely
The Dutch company Lely Group, with a local branch in Victoria, is active in dairy farming automation, helping to achieve optimal performancee of automatic milking systems. In addition to milking robots, the technology utilized by Lely Sphere also assists dairy farmers to extract valuable nutrients from manure. This innovation contributes to making dairy farms more sustainable and circular in their supply chain.

Dutch innovation in Australian greenhouses

Protected cropping is the fastest growing food production sector in Australia. Not only growing sustainably is becoming more important, but also water and energy efficiency. Dutch company

Priva has been active for over 30 years in intensive horticulture in Australia. Their services and equipment include high tech greenhouse vegetable and flower production, nurseries, berries in greenhouses and tunnels, medical cannabis and research facilities.