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Defence cooperation

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The Dutch-Australian military cooperation is a close partnership and is based on good historical ties.

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Defence cooperation

The Dutch-Australian military cooperation is based on good historical ties. During World War II, the Netherlands and Australia were close allies. As part of the allied opposition to Japan, the Royal Netherlands and East Indies Forces operated from Australia. After the Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia) fell to the Japanese, both soldiers and refugees fled to Australia. On 3 March 1942 a number of ‘flying boats’ that flew Dutch evacuees to the port of Broome, Western Australia, were bombarded by Japanese naval forces and many of them were killed. The wrecks of the aircrafts are still in the sea. More recently, the Dutch and Australian Armed Forces have worked together in Afghanistan. Today, both countries cooperate on a large number of issues and projects.

The Defence Department at the Embassy in Canberra also keeps in contact with Dutch Veterans in Australia and New Zealand. If you have any questions about medals or service records, please use the contact form.

For information about war pensions, please contact the Netherlands Consulate General in Sydney.