About Curaçao

Curaçao is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the four countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Vlag Curacao
Flag of Curaçao

Population: ca. 150,000

Capital: Willemstad (pop. 140,000)

Area: 444 km2

Official languages: Dutch, Papiamento and English

Currency: Antillean guilder

National holiday: 2 July

National anthem: Himno di Kòrsou

Visiting Curaçao

Are you planning to visit Curaçao? Prepare your trip well. Curaçao is a popular tourist destination. Go to curacao.com for detailed tourist information.

For a stay in Curaçao, you may need a Caribbean visa.

Living in Curaçao

Do you have plans to live in Curaçao? There are several matters that need to be arranged first. You can read more about it on the Travel and residence - Caribbean parts of the Kingdom page.

Doing business in Curaçao

Do you have plans to do business in Curaçao? Make sure you’re well prepared. Learn about the local market, exporting to Curaçao and finding a reliable business partner. Go to the website of RVO.nl (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) for more information (in Dutch) about business in Curaçao.


Curaçao is one of four countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. King Willem-Alexander is the head of state of Curaçao. The governor represents the monarch in Curaçao.

The website of the government of Curaçao provides information about all the policy areas for which it has autonomous responsibility, such as education and healthcare. The website is available only in Papiamento.