Embassy staff

You can find the staff of the various clusters at the Dutch embassy on this page.



HE Gilles Beschoor Plug

Deputy Head of Mission

Mr. Mauritz Verheijden

Personal Assistant of the Ambassador

Ms. Martine Mobers


Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Political Cluster

Mr. Mauritz Verheijden

First Secretary

Mr. Willem Molenaar
Second Secretary Ms. Janneke van Hemmen

Political Officer

Ms. Roos Frederikse

Secretary Political Cluster

Ms. Pnina Biton-Soetendorp

Trainee Political Affairs

Ms. Nina Verhoeven

Press, Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs

Head Press, Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs

Ms. Janneke van Hemmen

Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs Officer

Ms. Channa Nieuwenweg

Trainee Press, Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs

Ms. Sivan Ben Hamo

Trade, Investment and Innovation

Head of Economic Cluster

Mr. Marco Braeken

Director NFIA

Mr. Tom Vos

Project Manager NFIA Ms. Monique Foudraine

Innovation Attache

Ms. Racheli Kreisberg

Commercial Officer

Mr. Peter Bachrach

Innovation and Public Diplomacy Officer

Ms. Channa Nieuwenweg

Secretary Economic Cluster

Ms. Pnina Biton-Soetendorp

Trainee Economic Cluster Ms. Sivan Ben Hamo

Defense Attache

Defense Attache

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Brouns

Assistant Defense Attache

Ms. Jolique Jacobs

Trainee Defense

Ms. Nina Verhoeven

Consular Affairs

Second Secretary and Head of General and Consular Cluster

Mr. Willem Gommers

Deputy Head of General and Consular Affairs

Ms. Katja Shkury-Zweers

Assistant Consular Affairs

Ms. Astrid Rotholz-van Beek

Assistant General Affairs

Ms. Carola Mentink

Assistant Consular & General Affairs Ms. Sarah Navon-Hage
Consular Officer Ms. Simone Post
Consular Officer Mr. Ido Nidam

Cluster Resistance Participants and War Victims


Mr. Willem Gommers

File officer

Mr. John Groenendijk  

File officer

Ms. Thirza Yunger-Cohen


Agriculture Council

Mr. J.H.Satter

File Officer

Mr. Peter Bachrach


Driver Ambassador

Mr. Naftali Godschalk (Godesh Tal'or)

Driver General Affairs

Mr. Johan Bouma